Shopping in Toulouse: the shops of the pink city to renew your wardrobe!

Shopping in Toulouse: the shops of the pink city to renew your wardrobe!

Between small independent shops and real emblems of the city, Toulouse lacks good addresses to have fun! Ready-to-wear, jewelry, accessories, shoes… For men or women, for small and large children, ethnic groups or locals… Toulousescope offers you its selection of good addresses to make a little shopping in Toulouse !

Cracra: a new concept store 100% vintage

Objects and treasures of all kinds can be found at Cracra!
Objects and treasures of all kinds can be found at Cracra! © Pauline Boucher

In this concept store family et vintagewe find the chinese treasures by the person-founder, Mélanie Jorrion. Passionate about vide-greniers and other merchants, this mother of the family denies unique pieces : clothing, precious objects of the past, decoration… detailed selections and the strokes of the heart who has a story to tell and who doesn’t ask to be (re)ported! Mélanie also works with a designer creators et artisans to propose the pop and exclusive accessories. Nothing was left to chance: the looks, the disposition of the belts, and other finds… “Everything is thought and reflected with love and the deep desire to have fun“.

Cracra – 6 rue du Coq d’Inde, 31000 Toulouse – 07 71 12 02 55

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June & River: the ready-to-wear without a display case

At June & River, come as you wish!
At June & River, come as you wish! © Pauline Boucher

The Saint-Georges boutiques will be waiting for you new message with orders, Priscilla Castetnau-Claverie, who “with the aim of selecting partners with a view to proposing quality items, manufactured in the Eco-responsible factories“. The particularity of the shop is thatThere is no door or display case allowing customers to enter spontaneously to discover the unique collections composed only of four brands “that we cannot find any wings in Toulouse“. Great quality selections, different styles, but above all “pieces carefully chosen and strong enough to stay in time and in the woman’s wardrobe“.

June & River – 51 Bis Rue du Rempart Saint-Etienne, 31000 Toulouse

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Mademoiselle Nuage: an ideal place to discover sophisticated jewellery

Mademoiselle Nuage proposes a large selection of fine and timeless jewellery
Mademoiselle Nuage proposes a large selection of fine and timeless jewellery © Mademoiselle Nuage – Mélanie Butez

It is in the heart of central Toulouse that Mademoiselle Nuage is located. We look forward to welcoming you in our well-deserved braceletsof rings or even more necklaces. Gold or silver plated, set with stones or fancy, here all the jewels are made with like master words the finesse et elegance ! The team also proposes the customization of jewelryla engraving on medals but also the creation of permanent, adjusted pieces directly on the soil. Everything from noble materialswelded by French craftsmen.

Mer. son: 100% Toulouse trend

Sending Traders 2.0 near you? Click on the site Mer. sonthe brand 100% Toulouse, hyper tendency here it is addressed to women and men all you S au XXL. This is nothing fancy, but the fringue locale and hyper quality accessible to all the markets and all the styles could include hoodies, bobs, t-shirts, caps, bonnets, prints or even suits and sleeveless jackets… all embroidered (in a workshop in Toulouse) by an M and F. No need to run into the pink town to put on your dress, head to their website with the brand image: simple, effective and modern. On ad.ore.

Mer. fils – website

espaceplaisir: better than a sex shop!

Best of a sex shop, pleasure space!
Best of a sex shop, pleasure space! © DR

spacepleasure, it is (at least) 10 000 references available for pleasure alone, in pairs or in multiples. In the illuminated shop in the centre of Toulouse with its welcoming atmosphere and well-made products… you will then find your happiness; moreover, the team has a point of honor to guide its customers to find the ideal product. More from de-stress the universe of pleasurespacepleasure also offers a wide range of objects of all kinds and essential tools for having fun without being disappointed, at home: lingerie, of games cockroaches, of sex toys, lubricants, perfumed oils and candles or even everything that touches the BDSM… Brief, in this modern and intimate sex shopyou will without a doubt shop the accessory that you needed to enhance your (sexual) life!

espaceplaisir – 19 Rue du Fourbastard, 31000 Toulouse. 04 69 96 16 96

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Creative Pink: creations made in Occitanie


Looking for a place that offers eco-friendly products that don’t appear anywhere else in the world? CreativePink it’s the shop you need! Located in the heart of the Pink City, you will surely find your own happiness in the midst of its original artisanal creations. Here, 9 brands Creators and creators are united in a single space that offers exclusive guaranteed items 100% slow fashion and… made in Occitanie !

Creative Pink – 10 rue Jacques Cujas Co-Workshop Creative Pink, Toulouse. 05 32 02 49 53

Les Traits Français: the 100% French shop!

©Les Traits Français
©Les Traits Français

It is in November 2019 that the shop The French Traits see the day in the heart of the pink city. At the head of the shop, a brother and a sister are inspired by the London concept of cafe boutiques. Clothing, decoration, cosmetics, accessories… All products have a common point: they are manufactured in France ! And no question of delaying the style! As good for women as for men, the pieces are at the top of the trends.

The French Traits – 8 rue Jules Chalande, Toulouse. 05 32 53 91 99

Modi In: at the top of the trends!

Modes In
Modes In

Modes In est LA uncontournable boutique in the center of Toulouse. Open since 24 years, this teach independent de clothing and shoes for men, women and childrenevery day for you the best of every brand! Accessible to all markets, small innovations regularly arrive in shops; What makes your look stand out completely while avoiding fashion faux pas! For a special event (friends’ birthday, EVJF…), you have the option of privatizing the shop! For more information contact Céline.

Modes In – 36 Rue d’Alsace Lorraine, Toulouse. 05 61 12 22 12

Concept store in Toulouse: the latest trends in boutiques!

Emilie Prose: tailor-made skirts and dresses

Emilie Prose
Emilie Prose

Not until 2020, this young Toulouse brand is absolutely great! You want to crack for a beautiful and ethical skirt for the summer? You are looking for a dressed up for an event particular? Meet us at the Emilie Prose online shop. You opt for a classy dress from the collection “Art Glacial” or a floral skirt “Saveur Soleil”each piece is available in three different lengths. And for those who like clothes perfectly adjustedthe brand proposes the over-measure without supplement. To sublimate a bag or d’un chouchou made from fabric chutes! By orders of the brand Emilie Prose, a mother-daughter duo installed in a workshop for two outside of Toulouse. And of course quality, not bad: the pieces are faites-mainand made exclusively in the toulouse regionfrom fabrics mainly from the Tarn or the Lyon region.

Emilie Prose – [email protected]

From Toulouse with Love: the most chauvinistic

©From Toulouse with Love
©From Toulouse with Love

From Toulouse with Love, it is the shop that offers you clothes men, women, childrenof accessories and the decoration made in Toulouse. You can also discover the name of creations made easy created with love by Toulouse creators like Weaver, Mumpish or Bonjour Toulouse. Ideal for giving a gift to a great lovebird from the pink city! For the Toulouse residents, visit the 18th Paul Vidal shop. But also directly on the website of the brand From Toulouse With Love

From Toulouse With love – 18 rue Paul Vidal, Saint-Georges commercial centre, 31000 Toulouse. 06 30 45 90 79

The key of charm: fine and sexy lingerie

©The key of charm
©The key of charm

To offer a little sensuality, open the doora premier lovestore installed in Toulouse. Rendezvous à deux pas du Capitole, en heart of the pink cityin a beautiful shop there: The Key of Charm. Here, according to Céline’s advice and greetings, there is a crack in the fine lingerie masculine or feminine and you prêt-à-porter sexy. Bras, briefs, suits, boxers… Whatever your morphology, you will find a beautiful piece pour sublimate your shapes ! Enter without fuss in this beautiful boutique opposite of bricks and tiles ! Elue best charming boutique in Europe in 2020 aux Xbiz Awards Europe, the love shop no longer has its reputation to gain.

The Key of Charm – 28 Rue des Blanchers, Toulouse. 05 34 30 14 96

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Neiwa: the responsible shopping boutique for men


This boutique shopping in Toulouse It’s an inconvenient option for the responsible people of Toulouse! Here, ethical and fashion values font bon sénage! Neiwa offer men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, scarves and hats… Veja, Patagonia, EcoAlf… The brands we sell in stores are “made in Europe” and have made the “slow fashion” choice.

Neiwa – 7 Rue Sainte-Ursule, Toulouse. 05 62 88 36 62

Anaïs’s Grenier: the uncontournable freezer in Toulouse!

©Le Grenier d'Anaïs
©Le Grenier d’Anaïs

It is a authentic cave of Ali Baba for the small shops! From designer shirts to summer skirts, from wedding dresses to men’s suits, from vintage bags to sun glasses… You’ll never know what you need with these second hand treasures. You want to make a disguise originals? It’s also the ideal address!

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