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Gift for a 30-year-old man: Our TOP 14 (2024)

What gift for a 30 year old man? Thirty years is an important step in a man’s life: his professional life stabilizes, he can lead to him finding a family, taking a big trip or simply making new discoveries.

And that’s the point we can help you.

It’s not always easy to find an original gift idea for a 30-year-old man, so Toutes Les Box has prepared a list of perfect gifts to please a man in your circle of friends and to suit all budgets!

The 14 best gift ideas for a 30-year-old man in 2024

We have spent more than 30 hours comparing all the gift ideas for men. If you don’t have time to read the whole of our top, here are the 14 that make up the lot:

🪴 For the débrouillards : A Wecandoo craft workshop
🧔 For beautiful things : The Refineries
🧔‍♂️ For a beard: Hairlust
🐷 For aperitif fans : French Aperitif Federation
🍻 For beer fans : Adopt a brasseur
🍷 For a wine amateur : Three times wine or bottle
🍇 For an experience around wine : Rue des Vignerons
🥃 For a love of whisky : Whiskybox or Whiskies of the World
🍹 For rum lovers: Rare rhums box
🍸 Become an expert in cocktails : The Cocktailist
✈️ For a traveler : Weekendesk
💥 For a manga reader: Subscription manga
🎲 For a gaming enthusiast: Detective Box
📸 For a sentimental : Album photo Cheerz
🧀 For a cheese amateur : The Cheese Box
📸 For a sentimental : Petit Cube
👟 For the fashionistas : An Outfittery gift card
🩲 For underclothing: The French Briefs
🔞 For a cock : Sextoy Good for two
📖 For a reading amateur : Kube
😋 For a gourmet (and artist!) : The French Chocolate
🎈 For a surprise balloon : Best of flowers
🥘 For those who have the fire to eat : Kitchendaily
🎭️ For a cultivated gar : Culture’In The City
👨‍🦲 For a man who lost his hair : Veuch

The best gifts for a 30-year-old man

An activity to pass a good moment

An activity to pass a good moment

We won’t teach you anything, the best gifts, especially for a 30-year-old man, are those that don’t seem to miss, and offering an original activity is sure to be a memorable experience.

Thanks to Wecandoo, it wasn’t even that easy to offer an activity that’s different from the usual, just right at home. This site offers craft workshops throughout France.

Cooking, pottery, sewing, carpentry, gardening, jewelry, leather work, cosmetics production, it’s all there for all tastes!

You can offer him a private workshop or let him choose himself by opting for a gift card.

A gourmet box: the perfect gift for a 30-year-old man

A gourmet box: the perfect gift for a 30-year-old man

If the recipient of the gift is a great gourmet, he will surely receive a box full of delicious products every month.

We recommend you the Gourmibox, which contains 5 to 7 artisanal gastronomic measures, accompanied by recipes, or the Boit’Apéro, which contains a bottle of wine and biscuits, tarts and sausage products for the aperitif.

Our gourmet favorites box:

Don’t forget to invite you back!

An exceptional product, the perfect gift for a 30-year-old man

An exceptional product, the perfect gift for a 30-year-old man

The concept may seem vague, but with Les Raffineurs, you’ll quickly understand what we’re talking about.

This site offers exceptional products to suit all budgets and tastes. Your common point? The emphasis is on originality and quality.

You can also choose a beautiful leather wallet, a CBD massage oil, a basket cleaning kit or even a beard comb!

Rendezvous at the refiners ➜

A wine experience with Rue des Vignerons

Rue des Vignerons: The ultimate experience for wine lovers

If the man you want to drink is a wine lover or simply someone who appreciates enriching cultural experiences, don’t look too far. Rue des Vignerons is the number 1 platform in France for reserving experiences related to wine and spirits. With over 35,000 certified customer reviews, this platform offers you a customized selection of over 450 estates and distilleries, from small producers to large houses.

Rue des Vignerons ➜

A chocolate box (and a work of art)

A chocolate box (and a work of art)

Be careful, when you buy chocolates from Le Chocolat des Français, you will also appreciate your eyes and your nose.

From their truffle boxes to their chocolate bars, all the ultra-colorful packaging is designed by talented artists, and the result is stunning.

The taste is definitely not surprising and the chocolate is made 100% French.

Order French Chocolate ➜

A balloon that wishes you a happy birthday (or anything else!)

A balloon that wishes you a happy birthday (or anything else!)

If you want to do something simple and very original, head to the Best Flowers box, which gives you the great idea of ​​creating a box containing a balloon inflated with helium which is released when the box opens, with your little one stuck to the bottle (with an anniversary message for example for an anniversary gift for men), sure!

You can complete your box with one or more little surprises, such as a perfumed candle, tea, tartiner cake or socks.

Order a balloon Nice with Flowers ➜

A service to be well behaved (finally!)

A service to be well behaved (finally!)

Fashion is a matter of taste, and some men are not particularly interested. If you’re looking for something to wear your own jeans and teenage t-shirts, consider taking a subscription to Outfittery.

The aura also has the ability to create a personal shopper for you, creating a selection of personalized and tailored clothes to your budget to dress up in the home. He could then return for free what he didn’t like and pay for the clothes he was wearing.

A rhum that differs from the ordinary

A rhum that differs from the ordinary

Avoid the supermarket areas and head to the Rhum boutique to choose a high-quality bottle. Specialist in rhum since 2011, this site has a list of over 600 references, the largest and most reliable bottle brands.

Are you sure not what to choose? His customer service will be a pleasure to answer you! In short, you will surely find what satisfies a good rum lover!

Order at Boutique Rhum ➜

A subscription to retrieve the flame

A subscription to retrieve the flame

Attention, we recommend you give this type of gift if you are in love with the man in question, at an incredibly young age! Little pleasures, it is a monthly box full of little surprises (a sex toy and 2 or 3 accessories) to add a little spice to the couple’s life. Everything was sent discreetly, well understood!

A robot: the gift for a 30-year-old man to cook like a pro

Do you know a teenager who loves cooking but doesn’t force himself to have a cooking piano at home?

Why not give him a nice gift for men with this Cook Expert Magimix kitchen robot, a true institution in the world of robot managers? Capable of making over 2,000 recipes, it is also pilotable via smartphone and has an app with additional recipes.

Yes, don’t hesitate to invite you to dinner next door!

Commander a Magimix ➜

A box to become a wine or beer connoisseur

A wine or beer lover in your entourage? Offer him the opportunity to gain his knowledge by subscribing to the Le Petit Ballon or Une Petite Mousse box.

The wine box allows you to receive two bottles of wine every month along with your packages (good quality-price ratio, organic wines, biodynamic or top of the range).

Our preferred wine box:

A mystery box, it exists!

The beer box contains 6 beers from the world of craftsmanship to discover and enjoy.

Our favorite beer box:

A beer box for the mothers' party

A slip! (but don’t import it)

You may have already heard of Slip Français, this brand that produces undergarments entirely made in France.

As its name suggests, French Briefs specialise in boxers, briefs and shorts, but also offer socks, slippers, pyjamas, bathing suits and even everyday clothes! You can therefore easily find your ideal gift.

The French Briefs ➜

A reading box: gift for a sophisticated 30-year-old man

The man who for what you are looking for a gift is more than a library book that is a great adventurer? Feed your passion for reading with Kube, a monthly box containing a custom-selected book from an independent bookshop based on your taste.

He receives lots of little surprises to make the experience even more enjoyable.

A box with your choice: the gift for a 30-year-old man

A box with your choice: the gift for a 30-year-old man

Have you planned an activity or a stay, but you don’t know the destination’s availability? The best solution is Wonderbox, which offers millions of activities and stays according to your budget and personal taste.

Weekend in isolated accommodation, dinner in a grand restaurant, paragliding, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

A subscription to a dating site (since it is still single)

And do your friends hope to find love? And if you make a purchase you can offer a subscription to a dating site? We have written a detailed article on our preferred meeting sites to help you choose the ones that suit you best. Well sure, check carefully that this type of site suits you, to avoid any bad surprises!

See our list of best dating sites ➜

You now have 14 possible solutions to accompany your friend, partner or brother in his third passage. A gift idea that you will choose?

Or find other gift ideas for men?

You haven’t found your happiness in this list? No need to panic, we have many ideas in our other files:

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