Profession Danger |  Top reviews, reviews and ratings

Profession Danger | Top reviews, reviews and ratings

David Leitch was a stuntman in Hollywood for many years and it was in 2014 that he made his directorial debut, alongside Chad Stahelski, with Another Day to Kill – 85%, a film that changed the parameters of action cinema. Nowadays several films have attempted to recreate the style of perfectly choreographed, “uncut” combat scenes that Leitch made fashionable, from Rescue Mission – 82% with Chris Hemsworth until the most recent Against All – 66% with Bill Skarsgård.

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Over the years Leitch has directed more action films such as Atomic – 76%, Deadpool 2 – 85%, Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – 83% and the fun Bullet Train – 80%. Now he brings us something relatively different with Profession Danger – 90% (adaptation of the eighties series of the same name), where there is still a lot of action but combined with a romantic comedy, in the purest style of films like True Lies – 72%. If anything is clear from the premise, it is that this film is a love letter to the stunt profession.

What is ‘Profession Danger’ about?

Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) is an experienced stuntman who, after suffering an accident that could have ended his career, returns to work only to find himself with a series of problems to solve. First he must be able to keep up with the work, second he must win back the love of Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt) and third he has to find the star of the movie who has disappeared and seems to have gotten involved with the wrong people.

Reviews describe it as a fun romantic comedy wrapped in an exciting action movie that stars two of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood today. The heart and main objective of the film seems to be to give visibility to the stuntmen, in addition to demonstrating to the public that something done with practical effects will always look better than something saturated with CGI. It also ends up being a nice reminder of all the team effort that goes into making a movie, according to critics.

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What do the critics say about ‘Profession Danger’?

Kelechi Ehenulo of empire:

When movies like John Wick 4 or Mad Max: Fury Road have pushed the boundaries of stunt excellence, it seems baffling. Fortunately, David Leitch’s hit action-romance comedy, Profession Danger, based on the 1980s television series starring Lee Majors, is a fitting reminder of its necessary inclusion. And he makes the case while having a lot of fun along the way. (…) With some incredible stunts and Gosling and Blunt in top form, this gloriously entertaining comedy is a love letter to cinema’s unsung heroes.

James Mottram Gamer Radar:

An eccentric, agile, sharp and sexy romance, with sparkling chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, great support from Hannah Waddingham and excellent action. (…) Profession Danger is an effervescent comedy that really flies. Finally, these impressive stunt performers have a movie they can call their own.

Rafael Motamayor of Discussing Film:

What you can and should expect is an endlessly charming and non-stop exciting action romantic comedy with a dazzling cast that showcases the pure joy of watching fire explosions, people jumping out of windows, cars crashing and fist fights in the most dangerous of places, all on the big screen. (…) Part romantic comedy, part action spectacle, Profession Danger is the kind of genuine big-budget movie that many people have been wanting to see more of.

Siddhant Adlakha IGN:

A self-reflective love letter to the work of Hollywood stuntmen, Profession Danger is the perfect vehicle for Ryan Gosling’s comedic timing, not to mention his romantic charm alongside an equally ripped Emily Blunt. It doesn’t always come off well, thanks to some sloppy shooting, but it’s funny and sincere enough to have a good time.

Mae Abdulbaki Screen Rant:

The film itself is fascinating from start to finish, laying the groundwork for the personal journey Colt takes and the central relationship he has with Jody. Blunt’s character is dragged into the hijinks and the film benefits greatly from his presence. The comedic timing is perfect and the film knows how to be absurd without going over the top. And with the double being the hero of the story, Profession Danger is a wonderful, lively and entertaining love letter to the stunt community and the work they do, which often goes unnoticed and unpraised.
Profession Danger Frame (Credit: Universal Pictures)
Profession Danger Frame (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Valerie Complex deadline:

… Profession Danger is a hilarious and thoughtful tribute to the stunt community, combining action with a moving exploration of the sacrifices made by these unsung heroes. Despite its narrative imperfections, the film manages to highlight the fundamental role of film specialists, wrapped in a package of non-stop action and genuine emotion. It’s a testament to the spirit of collaboration and that defines Hollywood at its finest.

Lovia Gyarkye of The Hollywood Reporter:

Leitch’s experience and appreciation for stunt performers adds an endearing touch to the enjoyment of Profession Danger. (…) Gosling and Blunt’s charming performances, along with their strong chemistry, make Profession Danger a true delight. (…) What ultimately makes Profession Danger a good time among big-budget studio products is its genuine heart.

Katie Fife of IndieWire:

This is popcorn cinema at its most joyous and enthusiastic, fueled by cheeky throwdowns of famous songs, gripping action and movie stars. It may not give Hollywood power brokers more respect for the contributions of stunt performers and coordinators, but it does put a romantic spin on their work that will continue the public’s love affair with the profession. It also ensures that we will continue to see a lot of Ryan Gosling in the coming months, which is never a bad thing.

Fletcher Peters of The Daily Beast:

In addition to being a no-holds-barred action movie, Profession Danger is also the best studio romantic comedy since Crazy Rich Asians. Gosling and Blunt make a heady duo, and Gosling also flies with the rest of the film. Smart, charming and full of laughs, Profession Danger should be the biggest blockbuster of the summer.

Peter Debruge Variety:

Profession Danger is fun, it’s sexy, and it features the kids’ toy version of Barbie scene-stealer Ryan Gosling—that is, after playing a Ken doll, he now embodies the ultimate action figure. This is the charisma-driven side of Gosling’s audience love (unlike the deadpan Gosling in Only God Forgives), and while his character doesn’t have much depth, one could hardly wish for better casting.

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