Discover the names of the 10 best underwear brands for men of the moment – ​​

Discover the names of the 10 best underwear brands for men of the moment – ​​

This is not the case because they do not see that they do not have to choose with taste. You guys, these are the underclothes, that’s for sure! In permanent contact with your skin, closer to the parties where you are the prettiest, your underwear pieces must be pleasant to wear, soft, comfortable… but also pretty, just what you need! And in this little game, all the brands are worthless.

We have also decided to offer you a broader perspective on the great brands of men’s undergarments. Whether you wear briefs, boxers or socks, you will definitely find your happiness in this list!

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The best underwear brands a man should know in 2024

Our opinion on the undergarments of generalist brands

This doesn’t surprise you, the ready-to-wear teachers for men offer all (or almost) undergarment collections. From Jules to Devred, via H&M, Monoprix or Uniqlothere is no doubt about the choice. The main advantage of these pieces: they are not cute. Back of the medal: they are relatively quick.

Maybe these teachers will try all of the same things to get their hands on the game. We think especially of Levi’s, Celio, Gant or Superdry.
Men are still very likely to turn to Diesel, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein or even Tommy Hilfiger for your boxers. Yet, the cuts are very good, the materials are soft… but considering the price offered, we have the right to expect better. Our Swiss friends from Babista also offer a range of underwear for men to discover.

Finally, Amazon has also been trying to gain a foothold in this market (and in fashion, in general). It is in the Amazon Essentials brand that you will find several models of boxers and briefs. The price is very attractive (around 25 euros for a lot of 5) and the quality is similar to that of H&M, in bulk. Please note that you must therefore renew your stock as regularly as possible!

Men's underwear brands Celio
Celio boxer in stretch cotton

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And the big brands of men’s lingerie?

In this category, we will talk about brands that necessarily come to mind when talking about men’s undergarments: Dim, Athena, HOM

Dim, of course, is the brand that benefits from the best notoriety. Very present in the media, it proposes a very wide range. Consider ordering a euro size boxer briefs which offer a basic result… basic: a no-frills cut, a sometimes rough cotton and elasticated waistband which tends to come apart quickly (like at Find). The models in the Sport range are becoming more resilient and offer good support: these are clearly those that should be preferred at Dim.

To speak of Athena, one might copy and paste the previous paragraph. The prices are even a little higher than certain models and the quality is clearly comparable. After that, it has to be objective: when you see the rates applied, you don’t have to expect more. Athena, all like Dim, draw the tap and it’s already nothing!

In this trio, HOM can be the brand that sets the best! The offer is not very different from its direct competitors, but the quality is at the rendez-vous. We are rarely disappointed… and the OSE brand (when even!) adds a little originality to its collections! Finally, once it is not cut out, we will add a four-pointed star to that podium: Your Eminence, who always does a good job. And in addition to being well tailored, These undergarments are manufactured in France !

Boxer HOM
Men's underwear brands HOM Underwear

Finally, one could not ignore the most expensive brands of the younger generation, those that offer boxers that sometimes tan the eyes but have the merit of putting a bit of originality in underwear. Freegun and No Publik font of the entrance to the range that suits the teenagers (and footballers). Their microfiber pieces do not offer the same grip as others in cotton, but the freedom of movement they offer is not unpleasant for them. Question of taste.

In this register, at least, we tend to recommend the boxers printed in lycra at Stance and those Pull-Inall too original, but finished nicely. In return, this quality for one cost: 40 euros per boxer!

Boxer Pull-In Fashion 2 Papeete
Best underwear brands for men Pull-In

Our 10 underwear brands for men’s favorites

On the side of the “grand public” brands that have become more popular, the last few years have seen the proliferation of new underwear brands for men. Certain things stand out about the elegance of well-cut shorts when others prefer to wear a nice pair of boxers or better yet original pieces. Imagine that the men’s underclothing market is in full swing!

1. The French Briefs

To all seigneurs, to all honor! Apart from the many French brands that offer quality men’s underwear, but pay tribute to the man who has his name: Le Slip Français is can be the best underwear brand from l’Hexagone. Voilà, that’s it! Plus, prices have been divided into two on certain models to better respond to demand: a double good reason to support the brand!

Best underwear brands for men Le Slip Français

2. Petrone

The highest affordable price range: that’s what the Petrone Paris brand offers. Behind the beautiful facade, the products meet all their promises.

Manufactured in Portugal, Petrone’s underclothing offers incomparable comfort. This is particularly true for the brand’s highlight, the seamless boxer shorts, in a cotton and Tencel blend. If we add to this quality a practical discounted price (25€ for one, 70€ for the 4), we think that this French brand is really all for fun!

Best men's underwear brands - Petrone

3. Hanro

Elegant and comfortable. Simple and effective. The Swiss brand is made in Italy for its briefs and boxers. But above all in terms of quality, with cuts and unrealistic materials, everything for a quarter of an hour. Founded in 1884, the Hanro house in Switzerland still has beautiful days for it.

Best underwear brands for men Hanro

4. Room

Like Hanro, Zimmerli is a brand that sees the day in the 19th century. And like Hanro, it’s on the Swiss side that we find these top-of-the-range collections. Aside from traditional cotton models, you will find particularly chic silk boxers and shorts. But what is called luxury is the high price: around 80 euros.

Best men's underwear brands Zimmerli

5. Schiesser

Jamais 2 without 3! Like the two previous ones, Schiesser is a century-old house, built in the second half of the 19th century (in 1875 to be precise). And to impress its Swiss friends, the German brand offers superb models of briefs, socks and boxers. Cherry on the cake, the first models are available for less than 20 euros!

Best underwear brands for men Schiesser

6. Arthur

At the base, Arthur addressed the children and babies! But today, men (and women!) also have their say. The French brand is particularly popular with color-blocking enthusiasts, but the collection also includes quality boxers. Price wise, it should be between 30 and 40 euros depending on the model chosen.

And to make you confident, Arthur has also parted ways with us in one of the best current bathing suit brands!

Best men's underwear brands - Arthur

7. Bjorn Borg

Suede is definitely a underwear country. Other Happy Socks, Björn Borg is the other brand that deserves your attention. Not in the years 1980, his founder is not only the tennis player who gave him his name.

Of course, the collection makes the sports models particularly beautiful: but between the soft, plain and more colorful models, Bjorn Borg is aimed at all men.

Best men's underwear brands Björn Borg

8. Derek Rose

The Derek Rose brand is almost centenary! Born in Greater Brittany in 1926, she specializes in interior clothing for men. Outside of the underwear, at Derek Rose you will find pajamas, bathing suits and swimsuits that are also elegant and comfortable.

While certain boxer models are available for around 40 euros, the “luxury” positioning means that the best warm weather prices are around 150 euros.

Best underwear brands for men Derek Rose

9. McAlson

Like his name, the more or less indistinct, McAlson is a brand specialised in the climate. And definitely a Belgian brand! To please all men, we associate the “English preppy look, Italian sophistication, French humor and Belgian surrealism”. A melting pot that is translated into raw, colorful and comfortable pieces. The trick in addition: an invisible suspender that gives the wearer the warmth of boxer briefs. Malin!

Best men's underwear brands McAlsonBest men's underwear brands McAlson

10. Impetus

If it’s the last on our list, it’s not by order of preference, but on the contrary: Impetus is in effect one of our favorite underwear brands of the moment. The combination of style, elegance and comfort. A soft touch like a second skin. They are the promises made by the brand Impetus and force is to be recognized… that they have received them perfectly!

Its products are particularly pleasant for sports practice and even its swimwear ensures a great finish. Of course, it is one of the best underwear brands for men today, not a single one!

Men's underwear brands Impetus

Obviously, we do not pretend to propose an exhaustive list here: Saxx, Haro, Sunspel, Ben Sherman, Under Armour, Cocorico, Sloggi, Moskova or even Dagobear does not appear in this top 10 but is also an incontestable part of the best underwear brands for men !

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