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Children’s second-hand shops in Cologne-Bonn | KÄNGURU

We have put together a list of our favorite shops for you. As always, we look forward to your tips and suggestions! Simply send them to [email protected].

Of course, you can also regularly find great second-hand bargains at flea markets. It’s good that we have also put together a nice overview of children’s flea markets, baby bazaars and the like in the region.

Secondhand for children in Cologne

thebluecase in Neuehrenfeld

the blue suitcase Cologne

Located near the St. Franziskus Hospital, derblauekoffer offers three sales rooms including a play area for the youngest visitors. There is definitely no chance of getting bored while shopping. From children’s clothing, toys, baby equipment or books to bicycles, car seats or buggies, everything is there. This means relaxed second-hand shopping with a lot of choice. If you don’t want to throw away your children’s things but want to have them reused, you can hand in your goods here on consignment. Just ask the staff for changing facilities.

derblauekoffer, Simarplatz 11, 50825 Cologne (Neuehrenfeld), Phone: 0221 – 55 06 07 3

The Frog Queen in Hohlweide

the frog queen cologne

The owner of FroschKönigin, Ulrike Schreurs, is a member of Greenpeace and volunteers as treasurer. The environment is very important to her, so she asks her customers to bring clean plastic and paper bags with them, which she can then reuse. Her shop offers a large selection of children’s and especially baby items. She has set up a play corner for the little ones so they can keep themselves busy. As a special gift, she has vouchers available for purchases of 5 euros or more.

Frog Queen, Maria-Himmelfahrt-Straße 2, 51067 Cologne (Holweide), Tel. 0221 – 63 67 80 8

The Klamöttchen in Cologne Höhenhaus

clothes cologne

The “Klamöttchen” is a social and voluntary project of the Catholic parish. Here you can buy children’s clothes and toys. The employees are also happy to receive donations. Anything in good condition is gladly accepted. The church wants the shop to be seen as a meeting place where people can sit together at a table and discuss the topic of family. The premises invite parents, grandparents and anyone interested to organize their own meetings and events such as playgroups or drumming courses.

Das Klamöttchen, Im Weidenbruch 135, 51061 Cologne (Höhenhaus), Tel. 0221 – 16 88 76 80

Danish pastries in Sülz

Danish pastries Cologne

Clothes or items that are still in good condition but no longer have any use can be handed in here on consignment. You rent a compartment or a few hangers so that your once-loved items can find new owners – whether it’s children’s things, books, dishes or decorations. In the evenings, Plunderteilchen hosts lovely events for the whole family.

Plunderteilchen, Berrenrather Str. 385, 50937 Cologne (Sülz) Tel. 0176 – 32 78 77 72

Two Hands For Kids can be found in Lindenthal

twohandsforkids cologne

Almost everything you find here is second-hand. Clothes, shoes, toys… A cute and welcoming interior invites you to rummage around and browse. If you are also interested in first-hand clothing, you will find a small selection of new goods at Two Hands For Kids. Friendly staff will give you detailed advice on your concerns and questions.

Two Hands For Kids, Dürener Straße 103, 50931 Cologne (Lindenthal), Tel. 0221 – 40 60 83 7

Franziska’s treasure chest in Nippes

franziska's treasure chest cologne

Because of her passion for second-hand goods, the owner decided to open her own shop. Here you can buy toys and reading materials, children’s sizes up to 176, as well as women’s and men’s clothing. Good things don’t always have to be expensive. With this motto, she wants to encourage her customers to browse more in second-hand shops. Anyone interested in high-quality clothing and second-hand items will definitely find something here.

Vintage tailoring in Sülz

Vintage Tailoring Cologne

The Vintage tailoring company does not make its own goods, but sells really casual everyday and evening wear for women and children. Their style ranges from casual to elegant. If you fancy a coffee while shopping second-hand, you can treat yourself to a cup of espresso at a small bar alongside your choice of clothes. This makes shopping a real relaxation experience. The tailoring company’s concept is sustainable through and through: plastic and unnecessary packaging are largely avoided in the store. Even the paper bags are second-hand. Thanks to the central location, the trains run every minute. Who needs a car?

Swap room in IGLU – swap children’s items instead of buying them

Swap instead of buying in the IGLU swap room. © IGLU

A swap room has recently opened at Sudermanplatz 1 in the non-profit IGLU. Anyone who wants to swap children’s, women’s and men’s items has to pay a monthly fee of 15 euros and can then drop in and swap during opening hours. The swap room is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and every second Saturday (even weekdays) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The swap room is intended to promote more sustainable consumption of clothing. The swap room is particularly recommended for parents with small children. You can register via the website.

Exchange room in IGLU, Sudermanplatz 1, 50670 Cologne, Tel. 0221 – 42 31 46 93

Rascals in Lövenich

In her colorful second-hand shop, owner Susanne Hockertz is happy to give you personal advice. The wide range of products includes high-quality youth and children’s fashion items, from Ralph Lauren to Steiff, as well as children’s toys and baby essentials. Adults will also find something for their own wardrobe here. The small but fine shop has a cozy atmosphere and, with its fair prices and diverse range, invites you to a nice shopping trip for the whole family. You can also donate your own items of clothing, at any price.

Rasselbande, Kölner Str. 68b, 50859 Cologne, Tel. 0151 72 03 89 43

22.2 Family secondhand

Exterior and interior view of the house © Tobias Kayser
22.2, family secondhand © Tobias Kayser

In “22.2 Familiensecondhand” on Olpener Straße in Cologne-Höhenberg you will find clothing for children and adults as well as household items, decorative items, toys, CDs and DVDs. The special thing: All items in the shop are donations in kind and are sold for the benefit of a goat project in Tanzania. By purchasing something you are helping families in Tanzania to build a livelihood. “22.2 Familiensecondhand sees itself not only as a pure second-hand shop, but also as a neighborhood meeting place. Here everyone can get a free cup of coffee and have a little chat.

Second-hand shops in Bonn

Colorful cow

Buying second-hand clothes benefits everyone. Wearing clothes that have already been washed contains far fewer harmful substances than new clothes. Here you will find a large selection of clothes and toys for children from the day they are born. But expectant mothers are not left out either. Bunte Kuh also offers a constant change of goods and adaptation to every season.

Bunte Kuh, Königswinterer Str. 642, 53227 Bonn, Tel. 0228 – 24 05 95 36

The Children’s Cloud

The Kinderwolke sells women’s and children’s clothing with good value for money. You can find brands here from H&M to Prada. The range changes constantly and depends on the season. The Kinderwolke has a large selection of shoes from high heels to first walkers to sneakers.

Kinderwolke, Sternenburgstrasse 26, 53115 Bonn, Tel. 0228 – 21 38 60

Esperanza children’s shop

The Esperanza children’s shop is a second-hand shop run by Caritas with an information and contact exchange for parents. It is run by volunteers from the Caritas Foundation. They organize the acceptance and sale of children’s items. Esperanza offers everyone the opportunity to buy cheap, high-quality items for their own baby or toddler. With a Bonn or student ID card, there is a 50% discount.


The 120 square meter store sells all kinds of second-hand goods for children and mothers. Manager Marita offers a changing range of items, from baby equipment to maternity wear to handmade slippers, at a fair price. Good children’s items are also gladly accepted on consignment.

Pfiffikus, Raiffeisenstr. 52, 53347 Alfter, 0228 – 74 81 583

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