Best Baby Wipes According to Amazon Reviewers

Best Baby Wipes According to Amazon Reviewers

If you are looking baby wipes but you don’t know which is the best option, you can help with the opinions of Amazon customers who have already tried them. These are the best rated:

Best Rated: WaterWipes Wipes

These wipes Water Wipes They are so soft that they can be used on the skin of premature babies. They contain 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. The set consists of 12 packages of 60 unscented wipes, so in total there would be 720 wipes that we would have at our disposal. Price on Amazon: 37.38 euros.


I love these wipes. A mom friend told me about it while she was traveling and since then I and most of my parents I know have bought them. They are practically water, so they are great for cleaning faces, noses after snacks, little hands after playing that are going to get the snack, even the car harness that has some goop or a little bit of nice on the baby’s clothes. They come very wet so one wipe goes a long way. The package is a little less thick than the dodot wipes, a little big to carry but I use them so much that I don’t mind. The flap is typical plastic but it closes quite well, I haven’t had a problem with it staying open and drying out, until now. Ah! They are also useful for cleaning not very dirty bottoms, because they don’t have soap!

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WaterWipes Original Baby Wipes, Plastic Free, 720 Count (Pack of 12), 99.9% Water Based, and Unscented for Sensitive Skin

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Dodot Activity Wipes

The wipes Dodot Activity They have alcohol-free lotion that helps prevent skin irritation and have an extra thick and soft texture. Dermatologically tested and with 0% phenoxyethanol, parabens and alcohol, it comes in a pack of 16 packages, carrying 56 wipes in each one and giving us a total of 864 wipes. Price on Amazon: 59 euros.

I love these wipes, there are cheaper ones but if you find an offer or packs it is worth it. They are thicker, and are the best we have tried to date. In addition to the fact that they last longer, with other brands I need 4 wipes, with these one or two is enough.

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Dodot Activity Baby Wipes, 864 Wipes, 16 Packs (16×54), Recover the Skin’s Natural pH

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Huggies Pure Extra Care Wipes

This set of wipes Huggies It comes in 12 packages of 56 units (672 Wipes) and belongs to a new line of wipes made with natural materials and with a “comfort” technology that not only guarantees greater softness and absorbency, but also a more consistent and delicate texture with the fur. Price on Amazon: 25.96 euros.

Far surpasses dodot Aqua pure. 1/More density in the cellulose, which makes it softer and spongier. 2/The wipes are joined by a small micro-perforated area, which makes them separate from each other very easily. The dodot ones get stuck together, and it is more difficult to remove them from the dispenser. 3/ have the same level of humidity, from the first to the last. With the dodot ones I have to literally squeeze out the last wipes, due to their very high humidity, which makes the baby feel colder upon contact. In my opinion, much better. Of great quality.

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Huggies Extra Care Sensitive Baby Wipes, 99% water and ideal for sensitive skin, 672 wipes (12 packs of 56 wipes)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Sensitive Dodot Wipes

This pack of 15 packs of wipes Sensitive Dodot Makes a total of 810 Wipes (15×54 wipes). They are specially designed for newborn skin thanks to their alcohol-free lotion that helps prevent skin irritation. They have an extra thick and soft texture. Price on Amazon: 33.71 euros.

I read a lot before buying wipes for my baby. I finally opted for these, since many people around me used them, and the truth is that they have worked great for us. The packages can be closed perfectly with the plastic on top (it’s like a sticker, but it doesn’t wear off and stays closed very well). The only drawback I would say is that the humidity of the wipes varies greatly from one package to another, but in general they all fulfill their function and have not caused any irritation to my little one. I recommend them and in fact I will buy them again as soon as I run out.

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Dodot Sensitive Baby Wipes, Dodot Optimal Skin Protection, 810 Wipes, 15 Pack (15×54)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Amomi Wet Wipes

These wet wipes I love my They come in a set of 7 packages, with a total of 504 units. It is one of the most economical options we have, and it also comes dermatologically tested with 0% phenoxyethanol, parabens and alcohol. Price on Amazon: 15.00 euros.

Well, in terms of price, they are very good. The smell is pleasant, the softness is good, but they are small and thin, you need more wipes than with others.

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AMOMI Compact Wet Wipes for Baby and Travel, 7 Packs 504 Units, Baby Wet Wipes, with Lid, Dermatologically Tested and 0% Phenoxyethanol, Parabens and Alcohol

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Kandoo Wet Wipes

This pack comes with 4 packages of 60 wet wipes kandoo Composed of 95% water for greater hydration. In total there are 240 wipes. Dermatologically tested, they do not contain paraben or phenoxyethanol, being 100% respectful of the skin. They have a pleasant melon aroma. Price on Amazon: 9.49 euros.

Good price and as always, good quality.

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Kandoo Melon Wipes 4X60

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Eco by Naty Wipes

These wipes Eco by Naty They come without any type of fragrance and are ideal for delicate skin, being dermatologically and hypoallergenically tested. The eco label comes from the fact that they are wipes with plant-based ingredients with Ecocert Cosmos certification that are 100% compostable. Sold in a pack of 3 packages of 56 (168 units). Price on Amazon: 8.49 euros.

A perfect option to avoid contaminating. Soft and with a pleasant smell. Without a doubt, if I have no choice but to use wipes, this is a very good option.

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Eco by Naty Unscented Baby Wipes – 100% Compostable and Plant-Based Wipes, Good for Babies and Newborns with Sensitive Skin (168 Count – 3 Packs of 56)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Dodot Aqua Pure Wipes

The wipes Dodot Aqua Pure They are made with organic cotton that offers soft contact with the skin and are appropriate for the delicate skin of the newborn, including the bottom, hands, feet and face. They are dermatologically tested, fragrance-free and 0% phenoxyethanol, parabens and alcohol. This pack of 18 packages contains 864 wipes. Price on Amazon: 41.98 euros.

Tried all the “good wipes” these are the best, very moist without odors and does not leave the child sticky. I recommend these 100%, they seem expensive but they are the most profitable at the same time and with two I clean shit like trucks and with the third I leave him looking like the bald Don Clean.

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Dodot Aqua Pure Baby Wipes, 99% Water, 864 Wipes, 18 Packs (14+4 Free)

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

Mama Bear Fresh Wipes

These wipes Mama Bear Fresh count on Aloe vera and chamomile and are suitable for sensitive skin. They are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and pH neutral. The 18-pack contains no less than 1,008 wipes. Price on Amazon: 16.51 euros.

I have been using wipes from this brand for a year with the baby and I am very happy with all the varieties: soft, ultrasensitive, fresh… These fresh have changed since then and now come in a large box with 18 containers. Each unit has 56 wet wipes (see photo). These fresh ones have a very light aroma like an aloe vera-type moisturizing cream. They clean well when wet (remember to close the container tightly after each use so that they do not dry out) They are resistant (remember that this type of wipes cannot be flushed down the toilet because they clog). They have nothing to envy of wipes from traditional brands established in physical stores. The price seems okay to me, but if you can buy them when they are on some kind of promotion they will be even better.

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Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Fresh Baby Wipes, Aloe Vera, 1008 Count, 18 Packs of 56

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

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Munchkin Mist Wipes Warmer, White

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